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Truly Responsive

Founder & President: Anuradha Modi

Founder trustee, has been the force behind the organisation. An avid animal lover, Founder of Friendicoes SECA , one of the pioneer AWOs working in Delhi and co- founder of KARE (Kindness to Animals and Respect for Environment).These organisations played an important role in banning the use of wild animals in circuses and animal dissection at the school level. They worked to improve slaughter house conditions. The very first mobile dispensary for horses and donkeys was started by Friendicoes.

Anuradha organized the very first Pet Show in India back in 1975 with the concept of raising healthy and happy pets rather than giving importance to the breed of the dog. Her article and concept "Killing the Crisis Not the Animal" was the beginning of the ABC (Animal Birth Control Project for Stray Dogs) at the governmental level. For some time she worked with street children through the Salaam Balak Trust and aided other organizations to raise funds or collect relief materials during natural calamities. On being made aware of the pitiable conditions of indigenous cows and the various benefits they can give to humanity, she decided to take the initiative and founded the Holy Cow Foundation, with the full support of her husband and family.

Truly Responsive

Founder : K.K Modi

Hailing from an industrialist family with deep rooted ethnic values, K.K.Modi is very keen to create awareness about cow issues in India. He wants to motivate people to think about and take steps which will make positive difference in treatment of cows. His entrepreneurial skills and knowledge brings extensive support to the foundation and its activities. His vision is to see the cow as the harbinger of the organic revolution.

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