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Care for Cow

It costs approx Rs 21,000 to maintain a cow for a year . The average life span of a cow is 20 years. Thus to feed a cow for life would cost appro Rs 3 lac. But if Rs 1.5 lac is deposited in fixed deposit , it would generate enough interest to maintain a cow for life. On the passing away of the cow the fund remains to maintain another cow. So adopt a cow for life and offer continuous gau seva.

Feed A Cow

It costs approx Rs 70/- a day to feed a cow . You can sponsor to feed any number of cows for one or more days. To feed a cow for a whole year approx cost is Rs 21,000. You can also feed the cows on special days like birthdays,anniversaries , birth of a child or in memory of a departed one. To feed green fodder to 100 cows for one day would cost approx Rs 5,100. In the winters you can sponsor to feed Gur (jaggery) to the cows.

Adopt A Cow

You can sponsor to feed a cow for a whole year for Rs 15,000 and a particular cow in the gaushala can be selected which you want to feed.The cow will be given a name and a tag no and will be recognized as your cow. It will be our endeavor to send you its pictures periodically.

CSR Funding

We welcome any rural development projects where the cow is used as a training centre for the entire village. Under this concept a community gaushala is created where the non productive cows, calves, bulls will be housed. Here proper use of cow dung and urine will empower the village to move towards organic farming and village industry through SHG where manufacture and training of Panchgavya products (dhoop sticks, phenyl, agnihotra, upalas, logs for cremation, soaps, dung paper, cow pots etc) will be imparted. Panchgavya is an alternative health therapy known to cure even 4th stage cancer. Such a centre will protect non- productive cattle from slaughter on one hand and on the other, it will ensure health and wealth to the village. Hands-on activity with the animals in the Gaushala will instil compassion in the children and help in character building. The minimum initial development cost for a gram gau aashrey (village gaushala) for 50 cows, excluding land would be 25lac onwards per year. This would include construction of shed etc, fodder for 50 cows, salaries, initial set up of panchgavya production equipment etc. Please write to us for more details at

General Donation

We welcome any donation - big or small as you wish. It is very important to us. Your donation will be used to create sustainability programs in gaushalas to make them economically viable. A Gaushala is helped to become self reliant by imparting technical know-how and providing machinery to manufacture panchagavya products. Your donation will be used towards the activities of the Foundation, some of which are: • To raise awareness about importance of desi cows through events, literature, films, etc • To assist cow activists in their endeavours • To promote natural agriculture based on cow and bull power • To promote more varied ways in using cow dung/urine • To impart training in proper gaushala management • To help in innovation of new ideas for use of cow dung and urine

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