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Gaushala Consultancy

Gaushala Consultancy

It has become very important for Gau aashre, sadans (gaushalas) to function under proper guidelines to move towards sustainability.
  • First and foremost it should be the endeavor to not allow breeding of more nondescript cows by allowing all and sundry to mix freely.A boundary must separate the male, the female, the calves and the sick cows.
  • Secondly all such male calves which do not promise to be good bulls in the future must be castrated by a certified Vet or VLD in a humane manner and trained to work by ploughing or pulling bullock cart.
  • Cow dung must be used in a bio gas plant and the slurry from it could be given to nearby farmers as fertilizer. Agnihotra Uplas and dhoop sticks also can be made. Cow dung pots for saplings , logs for burning in cremation ground , dung bricks for making mud huts are all new innovations to make cows sustainable.
  • Cow urine can be used in phenyl production , and pest repellants can be made from it.
  • A few good breed desi cows could be procured if milk production considered essential by gaushala though we do not recommend it as objective of cow shelter is to give recuse to cow and not use for commercial benefit. But it may not be easy to convert over night and lot of people support gaushala in the hope of getting pure milk. Therefore, the next best step is to provide milk but also maintain good standard of welfare for the cow and its progeny. Under no circumstances should shelter, old or maimed cows be allowed to bear burden for more births. Cows got for milk must be kept in separate area in gaushala. . Half the milk can be sold and the rest must be made into ghee. Ghee can be sold as high as 1500rs a kg. Ghee sold as nasal drops fetches an even higher price, Since it is made by a special process.
  • The Gaushala must host atleast 2 events every year and invite Sants to enlighten the people about benefit of gauseva. Cow therapists such as Shr Uttam Maheshwari (Mumbai ) also can be asked to speak at such events.
  • Children from schools and colleges should be invited to interact with the cows and calves under compassion for all programs. Competitions could be organized such as painting, poetry recitation,essay writing on Gau Mahima.
  • It is very important to be in connect with other gaushalas in and around your area as together more can be achieved.
  • You must try and get funding from corporates under CSR scheme laying emphasis on health and education in connection with cow. For all round rural development and sustainability desi cow is very essential . Manure and pest repellants used by farmers will get better price for their produce and not put debt burden on them. Workshops on cow based agriculture with expert speakers should be organised for nearby farmers.
  • Write to your local Govt to assist in feeding the rescued cows and help in reviving the grazing lands by water shed management to green barren areas. Write to the State Govt for aid. There may be many schemes floated by the State under cow protection but may be lying untapped. Ask youngsters to help in all these schemes as interns and give them appreciation certificates to add to their CV.
  • Starting Gau Gras Rickshaws is another way to connect with people. Distributing Gau Gullaks to children to collect money(loose change or even rs5/- daily) at home for feeding green fodder to cows helps develop compassion and samskars in them.
  • Every Gaushala must make some Panchgavya product or promote those being made by others. The sale of these products will help sustain cows . A small shop or outlet can be made if Gaushala in the City.
  • Another important thing is to connect with Jain, Marwari and Business organizations or Trade associations . They have an inbuilt empathy towards cows and if they see productive and actual work being done funds will not be in short supply.
  • Please dedicate an hour on letter writing to connect. There are many people waiting to join you and help only we need to find them.Post on social media pictures of your gaushala. Promote adoption of cows. Asking people to pay the cost of upkeep of a cow as they no longer can keep cows is in City homes.



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