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Do something different today … visit The Barnyard
a place to experience, learn and love The Barnyard is a refreshingly beautiful farm in the heart of busy Delhi, where you can sit under a tree or relax in a hammock and watch the day go by. Ours is a family of pet buddies to keep you company all day long. Pet, feed, play with Bruno the dog, Rocky the rooster, Mohini the calf , Kit n Kat, the geese, Bun n Click the rabbits, Tinker the goat and Duh the donkey. Away from the sound of traffic, the contented bellow of the cow and the tinkling of her bell while she licks her calf will transport you to the days of yore.

Come, spend the day with your family or friends … You won't want to leave!

Play and Explore

We have a bunch of activities in store for you …

Frolic with our animal companions to discover & learn about their ways of life, Delve into farm activities, making cow pats, pots and logs
(gloves provided to the squeamish). Discover life under a rock or at the base of a tree while the kids romp in the sandpit, building castles. Sip your vegan latte while you browse through our weekly organic bazaar. Climb a tree or a ladder … Shout from the machan or dig into a sandwhich.
P.S.: If you’d like a private party or meeting with adventure and animals in the mix, we’d love to host!

We promise you two things:
you won’t be bored and you’ll sleep well at night

Café and Farm Shop

Refresh yourself with the fresh and healthful
vegan meals at Farmacy.
And if you are lucky, you could get to sample a
delicious meal prepared on a
traditional mud chulha.
Before you go, treat yourself to some shopping at
the Holy Cow shop.
Pick up health care, body care and home care
products made by the Holy Cow Foundation
– everything here is eco-sensitive and
chemical free.

Keep Calm and Vegan On

Education centre

Find out more about our animals, feeding them, taking care of them as well as participate in many of our conservation and environment projects. Learn how to make products using waste. There are activities for all ages. We welcome small school and other groups - contact us for more details.
Our weekdays are busy too..... many young women from underpriveleged homes come to make cloth bags to replace plastic ones and make many products from cow dung. And they are very happy to share the knowledge gained with others wanting to do similar projects.

Recycle! No one wants to be trashy!